What GAF Traffic can do for your projects

We enjoy tackling challenging projects and assisting clients to find the right solution for their problem. We provide a full range of transportation engineering services relating to traffic movement and design, including assessments and auditing.

With industry-specific software and technology at our disposal, we can provide a range of solutions to meet our clients’ needs and expectations.

If you think we could help you with an upcoming project, please get in touch! 


Any construction or maintenance activity on or near a road requires a traffic management plan to outline how the developer plans to protect their workers and road users.

We have accredited Roadworks Traffic Managers who can provide review and advice on the production of traffic management planning for complex and general situations.

We can produce generic traffic management plans that meet the broader needs of our clients, allowing them to proceed with the work without having to reproduce plans each time. For more complex projects, we can produce site specific traffic management plans.

All our plans are produced in close cooperation with the client to provide a quality solution that meets both the client’s needs and the requirements of the approving authority. 


Vehicle path assessment is a fundamental part of any major design project. From review of car park accessibility, to loading dock, and access road design, vehicle path analysis helps to design areas that are suitable for their vehicle travel purpose. With standard templates for parking review and road design we can assess most designs for their suitability and accessibility.

We are also able to replicate custom vehicles for high/wide load assessment, particularly for mining operations and movement of large indivisible loads. 


With previous experience in civil and road design drafting, we specialise in car park and access design and conceptual plans for traffic engineering applications, including cross sections and layout plans.

We can produce concept designs for consideration at early stages of your project to help overcome issues that might arise later, such as poorly designed carparks that have to fit in and around structural elements that are already in place.

We can also provide general drafting – from updating existing drawings through to design detailing of outputs from third-party 3D design packages.







Road safety is an important part of any road design process. As roads get increasingly busy and congested the likelihood of incidents increases.

At GAF Traffic, we understand the importance of completing Road Safety Audits (RSAs) at all stages of design and operation of our roads. With a background in road design, traffic engineering, traffic management and road safety, we are able to help provide direction toward a safe road design for you or your clients.

We have Main Roads WA (MRWA) accreditation in road safety auditing, and we can assist you complete Road Safety Audits (RSAs) specific to your design objectives and existing road situations. We also have experience with worksite traffic management and are able to bring those skills to the table in planning for new and upgrade works involving live road scenarios.

Our auditing services include:

•     staged auditing of a road design (single or multiple audits);

•     road safety advice throughout the design and/or construction  phases;

•     one-off audits on existing roads and/or traffic management;

Our RSAs are completed using the Austroads Guide to Road Safety Part 6: Road Safety Audit as the locally and nationally accepted standard.

While we recommend getting a road safety consultant involved in your project as early as possible, we can also provide review of design independent of a RSA, at any stage. 


Transport assessments and statements are the basis for all significant developments. To obtain approvals for planning and construction, a traffic impact assessment is essential. These can be as small as a couple of pages for a small development, to a major report.

We conduct assessments no matter the size, and complete our assessments in accordance with the Western Australian Planning Commission (WAPC) guidelines. Should the assessment require the inclusion of traffic modelling, we have an ongoing relationship with Urbsol which ensures we will be able to assist with this too.


Most larger developments require the inclusion of a car park in the design: be it basement; multi-deck or at grade.

We are well versed in current Australian Standards and carry extensive experience in assessing car park designs to ensure compliance, or to highlight areas that may require improvement as part of the design process. We can also assist with working towards solutions to any transport related issues that are raised as part of the design process.